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The Hurricane Pros... for the upper Texas Gulf Coast Region.
Although they are not very common in our area, hurricanes are a reality that everyone within a hundred miles of the
coast should be prepared for.  In a hurricane, there are at least three major threats to deal with - high winds, constant
rain, and flooding.  There isn't much that we can do for the flooding, but the high winds and rain we can deal with.  The
idea is to protect the openings of the home and preserve the "building's envelope".  If a window or door is blown out, or
broken out by flying debris, the building's envelope is compromised.  The severely high winds can quickly increase the
pressure inside the home forcing the ceiling up away from the walls.  Once this structural point is weakened the walls
are left unsupported and may collapse.  In less severe cases, the high winds and wind driven rain pouring into the home
for hours can cause thousands of dollars in damages and several weeks, if not months, of repairs.

We offer sales and installations of two innovative hurricane protection systems that are very easy to use and store, and
that are highly effective alternatives to plywood, rigid metal storm panels, and unsightly metal roll down shutters.  We
have two fabric storm panel systems, Fabric Shield and Storm Catcher.  These woven fabric panels are designed to
cover windows, doors, and other home openings, and are proven to protect against the destructive forces of
hurricanes.  Even if the glass behind the fabric panels gets broken, the impact resistant fabric panels stay intact and
keep out the high winds and driving rains.  These fabric storm panels are lightweight, translucent and or transparent,
easy to install and remove when needed, and even easier to store.  These fabric based hurricane panel systems are so
easy to work with, they are ideal for those single women and the elderly who would otherwise be dependant on others.  
We offer a complete installation package** for both fabric panel systems.  Once the mounting hardware is
professionally  installed, the panels can be put up in minutes.  These systems become permanent, reusable storm
protection systems for the life of the home.

Both Fabric Shield and Storm Catcher have Florida Building Code approval, and are approved by the Texas
Department of Insurance's (TDI) Windstorm division as impact and wind borne debris protection systems for all areas
along the Texas Coast.
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A densely woven PVC coated fabric panel system -
these lightweight storm panels are used to protect any
window and door opening.  They are translucent and
when installed allow light in similar to a window shade.  
The storm panels are very easy to install and remove,
and can be rolled up or folded for easy storage.  Also
available as a self storing pull down shutter that can be
deployed from inside the home.
A geo-synthetic fabric screen panel system that is ultra lightweight and transparent.  This system has a 154" maximum
span and can be used to cover the largest openings, as well as windows and doors.  Storm Catcher storm panels are
available in black, brown, gray and bone - we've found that the black panels are the easiest to see through when installed.
Installing Storm Catcher is like having a bullet proof vest for your home, guarding against hurricane force winds, driving
rain and flying debris, all while filtering in light so you can see out.    
"Serving Houston, Texas and all surrounding areas"
** Fabric-Shield / Storm Catcher Installation Package:
  • Each opening is field measured, then custom panels are ordered for your home.
  • The panels are then used as templates to install the permanent mounting hardware at each opening -
Panel-Mate storm panel hardware is used - galvanized and stainless steel.
  • After the fit is verified, each panel is labeled according to a laminated installation guide made for the home.
  • Color matching caps will be used to conceal the mounting hardware when not being used - we have five
standard colors, or caps can be painted for an exact match.
  • You will receive a hardware bag that includes the laminated installation guide, laminated mounting
instructions, all of the mounting hardware needed to install panels, and additional colored caps.
  • Everything is then neatly stored in custom storage bags - these bags can be stored in your attic, garage, a
closet, or anywhere else where it would be convenient.
Testing standards:
Custom Storm Panel
Florida Building Code TAS 201, 202 & 203
TDI Approval SHU-102
ASTM - E-1886, E-1996
Design Pressure +62 / -66 PSF
Pull-Down Shutter
Florida Building Code SBCCI-SSTD 12-99
TDI Approval SHU-112
ASTM - E-1886, E-1996
Design Pressure +/- 57 PSF

Engineering documents:
Custom Storm Panels
Pull Down Shutters
Installaing Fabric Shield storm panels
Fabric Shield video
Fabric Shield pulldown shutters
Fabric Shield storm panel installed
Fabric Shield hurricane panels installed
Fabric Shield hurricane panels on commercial building
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Strong - Simple - Smart
Storm Catcher rolldown shutter
Storm Catcher storm panels - inside looking out
Storm Catcher storm panels installed
Engineering documents:
Storm Catcher storm panels installed
Fabric Shield Storm Panel
Fabric Shield Storm Panels
Fabric Shield Storm Panels
Fabric Shield Pull Down Shutters
Storm Catcher Direct Mount Storm Panels
Storm Catcher Direct Mount Storm Panels
Storm Catcher Direct Mount Storm Panels - Inside View
Storm Catcher Roll Down Shutter
Hurricane panel mounting hardware for brick veneer
PanelMate studs
Hurricane Preperation
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service
Fabric Shield
Storm Catcher
Fabric Shield storm panels by Wanye Dalton




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Polygal Polycarbonate Hurricane Storm Panels
Polycarbonate storm
panels, are used in the
same manner as you
would plywood panels,
mounting with studs
and wingnuts, screws,
or clips. The panels
are very lightweight,
transparent, and rot